Thursday, October 6, 2016

Research Paper Guidelines

Due: Friday, December 23.
Submission guidelines: Submit by email before midnight ( The essay should be in Word format and the file title should be your last name (i.e. Johnson.doc). I will return graded essays to you by email with comments inserted using the Word comments feature.
Length: 2,000 words (approx.)

The Research Paper should discuss two of the pays we have read and engage with at least two pieces of relevant literary criticism or cultural history. The Research Paper should also demonstrate: 

(1) that you have read the  plays you're writing on closely.
(2) that you know how to advance a focused, clear argument and support it with evidence.
(3) that you know how to position that argument in relation to the ideas of other critics/scholars.
(4) that you know how to analyze literary texts in a way that is responsive to cultural and historical context. 
(5) that you know how to document sources and quotations properly. (Please follow the MLA Handbook, Chicago Manuel of Style, or EDGE for matters of documentation and style.)
Also, of course:
(6) your research paper is expected to be free from basic problems of grammar and spelling.

Here are some possible topics for your Research Paper. I leave it to you to decide on a precise argument.
  • The relationship between the exotic and the erotic on the Renaissance stage
  • Global dramaturgy: theatrical techniques used to create a sense of global space
  • Theater and the senses in a global context
  • Notions of gender in a global context
  • Notions of race on the Renaissance stage
  • Conversion narratives
  • Commerce and cosmopolitanism 
  • Perceptions of Islam
  • Early modern trade and theater
  • Law and religion, or justice in a global context 
  • "Turks" and the Ottoman Empire
  • "Moors," "Barbery," and North Africa
  • India


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